What is digitizing and what is it used for?

Digitizing is the phrased used to describe the process of turning your artwork into an embroidery file. Embroidery machines do not use images like we do for screen printing and you must have a digitized logo in order to embroider.  They require a specific computer file called a .dst. The .dst file instructs the embroidery machine what thread colour to use, what type of stitch to perform and also the number of stitches for that section. Digitizing is an extremely detailed process done by specially trained graphic artists.

What does digitizing cost?

Set-up costs are based on the size of your logo (in stitches, not area) and the length of time required to create. Most logos cost between $75 and $100 to digitize and this is a one-time fee.

What else should I know about the process?

Digitizing is a specific process for that specific logo. If you need to change your logo in any way (remove text, change the size, etc) you will need to digitize an entirely new logo. So when you first have your logo digitized be sure to make any necessary changes prior to having this done.