What is embroidery?

Simply put, embroidery is the process of decorating a fabric or similar product using a needle and thread. Historically, this was done by hand but with modern technologically nearly all of the embroidery process is completed using automated machines.

I have my jpeg or PDF copy of my logo. Can this be used for embroidery?

Although you do need an image of your logo before we can embroider, we can’t just go from a jpeg right to embroidery. We first need to digitize your logo and create an embroidery file. The artwork process for screen printing and embroidery are two completely different methods.

Is embroidery more expensive than printing?

Typically, the cost of embroidery is slightly higher than printing. One big benefit with embroidery is that the cost does not change whether embroidering six pieces or 600! ?This is because an embroidery machine can only accommodate a certain number of products at a time, so there is no faster way to produce large orders. This means that when you need just a few of your teams baseball hats, you have the ability to order them without worrying about meeting a minimum quantity!

Can I embroider on any fabric?

Although you can technically embroider on whatever you like, we recommend thinking twice about certain fabrics. Performance shirts are made from a very fine, thin material. This fabric is great for screen printing because it’s lightweight. If we were to embroidery 10,000 stitches on the same fabric, it would pinch together and possibly cause your shirt to drape in an awkward way. You see, when you add the weight of an embroidered logo to a fine fabric, it will cause it to hang too low.