Partner Store

A Partner Store is a secure store within our website where you have control over the products, prices and order deadlines for your school, league or business. One of our Account Representatives can assist with the details, but here are a few features:

Custom Products: Pick and choose specific products, colours and logos for your customers to buy! You have the power to establish set pricing, pick-and-chose additional options like personalized names or player numbers.

Establish Order Deadlines: You have the flexibility of setting a specific timeline for your products to be available for purchase. You can make your products available for one-day-only, or your store can be active for two weeks! The power is in your hands!

We Deliver: Tired of handing out products and sorting orders? When your store is open for business we can arrange for them to pay for delivery right to their house! They will enter their own payment information and a shipping rate is calculated immediately!

Password Protected: Sometimes it’s best that your products are only worn by members of your school or team. To control who has access to your products you can select to have your store password protected so only those with the password can view and order your products.

Contact us today to find out more on how to set-up your custom store!